How It All Began

It all began for us, as a group of friends who had two things in common, which was that we loved country music, and also line and partner dancing…

We started at the Golden Palomino CWD Club, but unfortunately our social evenings came to an abrupt halt due to the closure of that Club. This was due to the bad health of our teachers Mark & Pearl, who were well known within the Country and Western dance scene.

Everyone wanted to keep the group together, and it was agreed that we would explore the possibility of starting our own club. By involving a few more people, a new venue was found at St Leonards Village Hall. We have been running for nearly a year now, and our events have proved so successful, that we have been able to make substantial donations to several different local charities, and if anyone knows of a worthy cause which would benefit from being helped financially, please let us know.


     The Maestro!!

            Our esteemed leader and DJ


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