2015-2020 Events Reports

February 15th 2020 Stone Cold Country

The bad weather in early February caused the numbers to drop slightly for our monthly dance at St. Leonards. We also had a change of artist as the ACT BOOKED Had to cancel due to bad health, we were very lucky to get at the last minute the father and son duo Stone Cold Country. It’s been a while since we last saw them and I swear they were even better than their last visit, they harmonise so well and the steel guitar playing is out of this world, they also played the Tony Crooks written song Blue Memories a superb example of British Country. They also played as well as the normal standards, one of my favourite songs “OPERATOR, OPERATOR” as well as one of my wife’s favourite songs the “Cherry Bombs Dangerous Curves.

Paul was missing to help Doreen with the Raffle, a serious case of man flu I believe, I was asked to assist and made I must admit a bit of a pigs ear of it, I doubt I will be asked again! Thanks yet again to Kevin for his donation towards the Raffle

Our best wishes to Roots and wings hope to see you at Frimley at the Taster event.

In March we welcome to County Line the always popular “Rancher”so if you are coming, get your dancing boots on it will be a great night. In April we welcome Lainey West for the first time to St. Leonards so we have something to look forward to.

Bill & Sue Carter


January 25th 2020 Richard Plamer

Our first dance in 2020 marks the Clubs 6th Anniversary, so for something as special as that, we had to have one of the best acts that a club like ours can afford, so to bring the house down we had Richard Palmer through our doors to entertain a full crowd of mixed dancers and listeners alike.

Richard has such a stage presence together with the good voice he can give the audience exactly what they want to make the evening memorable. He sang old and new and specifically tried to catch the dancers out to going way back 10 -15 years to see if there were any dancers who remembered the dances from those times. Needless to say Dancers won!

In the six years since County Line opened the doors for the first time we have nearly always had a sell out in numbers and we the “Team” often wonder what we are doing right that other clubs are not. The magazine Cross Country has monthly had notices giving the closure of clubs as due to not enough numbers. Where did everyone go? We know the age group for Line Dancing is getting older, but there are some clubs who are lucky to have some younger members bringing new life to the clubs.

So for us at County Line we think we are lucky to have such a great venue for our dances and Alan & Rita’s hard work in preparation, a gang of willing helpers and Paul and Doreen’s work to ensure we have a fantastic Raffle we believe helps greatly.

We are proud to say all our profits go to Charity and everyone who comes in the door has to pay.

We catalogue all the admin side of the work done for raising funds for the various Charities, and the Folder is put on display in the Entrance Hall at the Club Site for all to see where the money is going.

In February, on the 15th we have “Roots & Wings “ and on the 21st March we have “Rancher”, two good acts to look forward to.

We welcome any new face who wishes to give us a try, you will have a great night of that you can be sure.

Sue & Bill Carter

November 16th 2019

Ryan Payling was an amazing stand in for Fools gold, and judging from the feedback, I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see him at County Line. He had a five and a half hour journey to get to us, but nevertheless put on a top notch performance, endearing himself to the crowd, who didn’t want to let him go.

October 19th 2019

Rob Childs went down really well with our audience, and there were people dancing all evening. He had a really good rapport with the crowd, and had 2 encores. The raffle was it’s usual high standard. The evening was a sell-out and there was an excellent atmosphere.

July 20th 2019

We have been selling tickets for the Summer Hamper draw, and the couple who won it this time wanted the proceeds to go to a charity for young adults who are blind. I’m sure they will really appreciate the money that was raised. Alan thanked the Committe for all the work they have put in over the past year, and included Andrew and Penny, who fill in and help where, and whenever required. Doreen distributed flyers for next year.

June 15th 2019

I was unable to make this Social, but the reports I had from those who did were incredibly positive. Paul is obviously a natural with a crowd, and went amongst everyone during his breaks, to make sure he was doing what they wanted, and to collect requests. He did three encores, which is testament in itself.

May 18th 2019

It was great to see Paul again, with his finger intact, and see how well he can play the guitar this time. There was a really good atmosphere amongst the crowd, as is usual, though there was sadness at the loss of Barrie, who, with his wife Maureen have dance beautifully with us since the beginning. Paul did some old favourites, and some of his own original songs.

April 26th 2019

Richard Palmer informed Alan and Rita at 11pm on the Friday before our Social, that he would be unable to perform the next day, and once our Agents knew, they managed to get Peter Shaw, who had become unexpectedly free. This is ertainly the advantage of going through an Agent, and this time it really paid off. Peter and his son Sam were an excellent stand in, and really endeared themselves to the guests who came, expecting to see Richard.

March 16th 2019

Even if you are not a dancer, you cannot fail to be impressed with Tony’s singing and guitar playing. As he has always been involved with line dancing, however, he was able to tell the dancers what they could do to each song. There were less than 80 people this month, due to a dance weekend in Bideford, and illness, which meant that there was more room for the partners to get round. I also had feedback from one couple who preferred the present table layout, as they said that the last time they came, they just couldn’t get out to dance.

December 15th 2018

This was the final Social of 2018, and what a wonderful evening. It really did feel like a party. The team put a lot of effort in to making the night as Christmasy as possible, erecting Santa’s grotto, wrapping presents for everyone and providing bucks fizz to help the evening go with a fizz. A big thanks to the Texas Tornados for adding to the spirit.

November 17th 2018

This was Billy’s 3rd visit to us and he was as brilliant as usual. He brought a play list for Alan to look at, so he could avoid repeating Billy’s songs. The floor etiquette was really good, but there were less dancers going round the outside, which might be due to the fact that the floor was more slippery than usual.

October 20th 2018

The first Social following the Summer break was again a sell-out and had a brilliant atmosphere, as people came back together after a two month break. Yet again we welcomed people who have never been to us before and in particular Pauline and Graham. Many of us know Pauline, not only through her teaching, but the wonderful Socials she used to run at Wallisdown. The new table lay-out is proving a success, as people can get onto that dance floor more easily, and it give a more inclusive feel.

July 21st

Being the last Social before the Summer break, a cream tea was available for our guests. As on previous occasions, this was brilliantly organised by the team, and was enjoyed by all.  Chris James gave us a fantastic evening of dancing and entertainment, and all the tickets for the Social in October were sold on the night.

June 16th 2018

The evening was summed up by a quote from Doreen: “What a brilliant night at County Line last night, Rancher were fantastic, they played to a full house, and kept the floor full all evening ! Hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I did”.

Also a quote from Alan, who found them especially easy to work with: “Great night at county line last night with Rancher on stage, fantastic duo playing a great mix of music.”

Conversely  a quote from John Hallett, the lead singer of Rancher, following Alan’s message to thank them: “Thanks for having us Alan, we thoroughly enjoyed it too, great crowd, great atmosphere.” What more can we ask for our Club.

May 19th 2018

The evening began with lots of chat about the Royal Wedding, amongst the ladies anyway, and Rita and Heather decorated fairy cakes with union flags to add to the festivities. There were plenty of flags in evidence, and the lovely weather ensured that the atmosphere started on a high. This progressed as the lovely Kay D started her performance.

April 21st 2018

Martin and his wife remembered everyone who attended the last taster session, and were extremely friendly. Marie made a point of talking to people, and joining in with the dancing. The first set lasted for an hour and 20 minutes, and at the end Martin played for a further 20 minutes, responding to the many requests for more songs.

March 17th 2018

As the snow set in again, Kelly and Michael set the stage for another evening of top quality entertainment. They genuinely loved the atmosphere you all generate in the club and would love to be invited back. Les had his 75th birthday on the night, and Kelly sat on his knee to sing him happy birthday, which elicited a big grin from the birthday boy. John kindly made him a beautiful cake, which was the crowning glory to his night.

February 17th 2018

As has become the accepted “norm” now, this Social was also a sell-out, even though there was a line dancing event with Karl and Tina Argyle at Street over the weekend. We have not had to turn people away yet, but have already sold 50 tickets for March. Stonecold Country provided us with a good variety of music, and kept the floor full throughout.

January 20th 2018

Amy was booked after some of our team went to a “taster session”, and proved a very chirpy amiable character. She was very concerned that she pleased her audience, and when people started arriving was interacting with them. She also forfeited her break at raffle time to talk to people. There were not many partner dancers this month, so the line dancers were able to take up the whole floor a lot of the time.

December 16th 2017

Daniel has sung for us before, so we knew we were in for a good evening. He knows a lot of our dancers, so feels very comfortable at our venue. He puts down a lot of his own backing tracks, as he plays a number of instruments. He can also tell our dancers which dances to do, which always goes down well with our crowd.

November 18th 2017

I spoke to a number of people who attended this Social, some for the very first time, and all the feedback I got was incredibly positive. They all said that it had been an amazing night, with an amazing singer. I only wish I had been able to hear him, but fortunately we have been able to book him again. Apparently he even did some line dancing whilst singing!!

October 21st 2017

We welcomed Trey Jackson for our return act after the Summer break. He gave us a brilliant evening of dancing, and his Rock ‘n Roll background meant that he had a wide variety of music under his belt. He was able to adapt his act to suit our requirements, and kept the floor full.

July 15th 2017

A return visit by Chris Harris, plus a free cream tea provided by the team, left everyone in a very happy place on Saturday evening. All the people I spoke to said what a good evening it was. It’s nice to know that we ended on a high before our 2 months off.

June 17th 2017

What a night – the hottest day of the year yet, so despite fans and open windows, the heat was a real problem. It was actually not too bad for those who were dancing, but Kickin’ Country were all in black under strong halogen lights. They still managed 2 encores though. Chris then had the long drive back to Wales.

May 20th 2017

The Storms gave us a wonderful evening as a father and son pairing, but Rick is a full time performer and does a lot of solo work. About 80% of his gigs are for line dancers, and he knows exactly what dances can be done to each track, making life a lot easier for those of us who like to know in advance what we are supposed to be doing. It also emerged during conversation, that he also does Rock ‘n Roll gigs, and he obligingly did an Elvis Medley, which went down really well, and we actually had Rock ‘n Rollers on the floor, which was great!

April 15th 2017

Darren travelled all the way from Wrexham in Wales to be with us. We had a lot of good reports at the end of the evening, and many people enjoyed the different music he played, which gave the evening plenty of variety. He even played some Rock n’ Roll at the end of the evening.

March 18th 2017

Despite Paul Taylor cutting his finger badly, he took it all in his stride and carried on, just using his backing tracks. Obviously the sound would have been much fuller with the guitar, but the audience were very happy with his performance, especially as he told the line dancers what dances to do, which is always appreciated. Those us us who do the more modern line dances were pleasantly surprised when he sang “Take me to the River”, which we only learnt a couple of months ago.

February 18th 2017

Tony Crooks drove from High Wycombe, and went down a storm with the audience, being popular with partner dancers and also line dancers, as he was able to suggest what dances could be done to each song. He kept the floor full all night, which is what we aim to do. We welcomed quite a few new faces this month as well.

January 21st 2017

Paul took a long time setting up, to get the sound absolutely right, and checked with Alan to make sure that songs weren’t duplicated, which is what we like. He not only did the old favourites, but was able to accommodate people who wanted more up to date dances. The feedback from this night was incredibly positive, which is thrilling for the organisers.


December 17th 2016

Cheyenne played a good mixture of songs, and tried not to do too much of the stuff which is always played. They get asked for certain songs all the time, but like to do something a bit different, that people won’t have heard much, if at all. They were also able to tell the dancers what they could do to each number, which is an advantage in our Club. Our jovial Father Christmas expressed his enjoyment of their performance – praise indeed.

November 19th 2016

Martin Jaye was another replacement Act, and true to form, gave us one of our best nights. We are discovering people we may not have booked, but for the lucky chance that they have been available when required. We have not had many cancellations, and these are inevitable, but our Agents have been excellent in fulfilling our needs.

October 15th 2016

I didn’t realise how much I’d missed seeing everyone until they all started rolling in, and I’m sure the rest of the “Gang” felt exactly the same, though I know a lot of you have been meeting up at other venues throughout the Summer.

We fairly consistently have maximum capacity at our socials these days, and are now used to what people want. We therefore try to ensure that the Acts we book reflect what we now know our regulars like. There will always be the slight conflict between those who like pure Country and those who prefer the more modern dances, so Alan ensures he accommodates the latter during his disco times. This happened perfectly on this occasion.

July 16th 2016

Dave Inglis treated us to another successful night of dancing, going round the room to make sure he was playing what people wanted. He liaised with Alan to check that their songs did not overlap, and he said he had really enjoyed his evening with us.

June 22nd 2016

Well yet another sell-out and this time we were delighted to have Bob, Carol and friends from Broadmayne. It was great to see them, and we sincerely hope they manage to come and join us again before too long. We had 3 birthdays amongst our regulars and they each received a bouquet of flowers.

May 21st 2016

There were about 30 regulars missing due to other commitments and holidays, but the evening was still a sell-out. The Texas Tornados drew in the younger element as well as the County Line regulars. They certainly proved to be one of our most successful acts, and we were very lucky to have got them as a replacement for the original band.

April 16th 2016

Numbers are holding up very well with another full house. The system put in place by Rita for booking tables does work very well  although this past month everyone got a bit blasé and didn’t book until the last minute, causing a last minute panic. Please try and book early for the next event on May 21st, as we do have a number which we try to adhere to for everyone’s comfort.

March 19th 2016

I usually arrive at the hall at 5.45pm to help with the preparation, but on this occasion I was unable to do so, and came through the back door just after 8pm. I was quite taken aback by the warmth of the atmosphere I encountered. Peter was playing, the floor was really busy, and there was a relaxed buzz coming from the area of the hall where people were sitting chatting. It was worth the late entry for this alone.

Our Social clashed with a Street weekend, so we lost a few regulars, but equally there were people we hadn’t seen for a few months for various reasons, and people for whom it was their first visit. One couple attended for the first time last month, and couldn’t wait to come back, so we must be doing something right. A big thanks to all the “main players” for all the work they put in to making the monthly Socials so successful.

February 20th 2016

Apparently we were a few people down this month due to illness, but it certainly wasn’t noticeable, and the atmosphere was as cheerful and upbeat as ever. We had the added benefit of having Karl with us, so when it came to dances that he has taught, and/or choreographed, we had someone to follow. He is very good at pointing us in the right direction, and many of our regulars go to his classes anyway, so the rest of us were “carried along”.

Steve Hanks is a very well known act on the Country circuit, and that may well be one of the reasons that our partner dancers were back in force. It was great to see them, and thank you to the line dancers for taking on board the hints about floor etiquette, and creating room for the partner dancers to go round the outside.

January 16th 2016

We had around 80 people at this Social, and a newcomer was heard to say that it was very well organised. With that number of people and the size of the hall, it needs to be. There were times when the couples struggled to get round the outside, such were the number of line dancers on the floor. Rob Childs kept the floor full with country tracks, and then our esteemed DJ, who sounded increasingly like a Dalek as the evening progressed (as he was losing his voice), played some of the more recent line dancing “favourites”.

Some of the dances Rob did for us were: The Real Deal, Mexifest, Just for Grins, Rock and Roll King, Cheap Talk, Memphis Love, All Week Long, Walk With Me and Triple Mix.


December 12th 2015

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this Social, as I had booked a line dancing weekend in Street ages ago, not realising that our monthly Social actually fell on a different Saturday in December. I have been regretting it ever since, as people have been showering me with comments on how good the evening was.

The County Line Team obviously excelled themselves this Christmas, and made it a brilliant evening for everyone. Billy Curtis was a really good choice for our last session of the year, and we had the added bonus that Karl turned up, being a friend of Billy’s. He must have been surprised to see so many of his class members there – a pleasant surprise for all.

November 17th 2015 Event Report

Centerfield played a really good Country set, and I think we’d all like to thank Viv and Maria for starting dances for us all to follow. During their travels, Centerfield have come to realise that there is a big market out there for line dancing, so have now compiled the backing tracks for a lot more line dances. They are nearly ready to go with a whole new play list, so they can cater for both Country purists and line dancers.

One of our Charity donations went to “New Forest Special Needs”, and the Grandparents of a boy called Morgan LaGumina, who has autism, came along to thank the club for the donation. Carol Oade, runs a partner dancing venue in Netley Marsh, and took the opportunity during the raffle break, not only to thank us, but also to say how much they enjoy coming to St Leonards, and are hoping to continue doing so for a long time to come.

October 17th 2015 Event Report

We were very pleased that on only our second Social following the Summer break, we had 74 people through the door. Fools Gold played a very varied set, and helped by giving us an idea of what dances to do. Some clubs don’t like this apparently, but I think we find it a great help. In response to feedback, Paul is getting through the raffle more rapidly, which saves our poor old bones from stiffening up.

September 19th 2015 Event Report

We really weren’t expecting the crowd we had, as there were a number of people on holiday, and we wondered if we’d been forgotten after such a long break. We were thrilled to see many of the “old” faces back, and delighted to see some new ones, who appeared to have enjoyed it. Stubby went down really well, and let’s hope the rest of the year continues in the same vein.

June 20th 2015 Event Report

Alan played tracks which had been requested, and Peter gave us 2 brilliant sets of Country music, most of which were known to us, which meant that both line and partner dancers were happy. Peter concluded the evening by singing You’re My Best Friend, which was originally sung by Don Williams, and he invited us all to join in, though I don’t think the contestants of the next Britain’s Got Talent will have anything to worry about from us!!

May 16th 2015 Event Report

All our acts have to cater for people who either line dance, or partner dance, and also people who come to listen to good country music. This is not an easy task to fulfil, but Chris Harris was aware of this, and succeeded in his aim to keep everyone happy. We have a couple of clever people who can fit dances to most pieces of music, and the rest of us follow.

April 18th 2015 Event Report

Another extremely successful evening, with the band keeping the floor full all evening. Along with really top vocals, Souls ‘n’ Stone also entertained us with their wit and humour. This was their second visit to the club, and Jane thanked the County Line team for once more looking after them, and making them so welcome.

The duo did 2 encores, and only missed a third as they had a long drive ahead of them. Jane finished the evening by singing “Your Song” by Garth Brooks, and had the audience spellbound by her beautiful voice. They really enjoyed the atmosphere, and would love to come back again in the future. Jane’s comment on our facebook page was: “Great club. We had a wonderful time. Thanks for having us. Loved every minute xx”

The raffle was a great success again, and the lady who won the basket of vegetables was absolutely thrilled, and used them for her Sunday lunch the next day.

March 20th 2015 Event Report

County Line pulls another successful evening out of the bag. Daniel Berry performed very lively upbeat sets, with the floor full throughout. Daniel himself really enjoyed the evening. He said it was a really good evening, and expressed his desire to be invited back.

February 21st 2015 Event Report

Our February dance had a Valentine theme, though apparently the love hearts don’t taste the same as they did 50 years ago!! I don’t know how politically correct the little messages were, as I didn’t read them.
For reasons beyond his control, Billy Bubba King had to drive from Slough to Ringwood in record time, which he obviously did, as there was very little delay in the start time. A bottle of cough medicine was strategically placed behind him, and it seems he has really been suffering with his chest, though we would never have known. He was as professional as ever, and with his ability to accommodate both modern and old dances, went down really well with our crowd.

January 17th 2015 Event Report

Our first Social of 2015 was another success. Chris James played a good selection, and the floor was full from the beginning. We had the added bonus that Chris’s wife is a beautiful line dancer, and helped us out when we needed it, despite being decidedly unwell.

We welcome any constructive feedback after a Social, so we can continue to build on the success of last year. Just use the email link at the top of every page.