Our Next Event: Rancher (NB Acts are subject to change)


June 16th – Rancher

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How It All Began

It all began for us, as a group of friends who had two things in common, which was that we loved country music, and also line and partner dancing…

We started at the Golden Palomino CWD Club, but unfortunately our social evenings came to an abrupt halt due to the closure of that Club. This was due to the bad health of our teachers Mark & Pearl, who were well known within the Country and Western dance scene.

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Kay ‘D’ Returns to weave her magic


                                       THREE LITTLE PRINCESSES!!


Kay ‘D’ was the very first person to come and perform for us when we started the Club four years ago, and we were thrilled to have her back. She has a beautiful voice, and sang many old favourites, and also included some new material, which went down really well.

Kay D is a full time mum to her daughter Layla, and manages to work her singing career around making sure she is with Layla as much as possible. They live in Norwich, which means that after performing for us, she faced a three and a half hour drive back. That’s with clear roads.It took her five hours to get to us due to a bad accident on the M25 .

She is a delightful person and very down to earth, despite being voted Female Vocalist of the year at the 2016 CCN Awards, UK Country music artiste. I’m sure that won’t be the last we’ll see of her, as she goes down so well with our dancers and had to do 2 encores before she was allowed to go.



                                              THE CROWD ASSEMBLES


                                  PREPARATION FOR THE EVENING AHEAD


Doreen only had a partial knee replacement a few weeks ago, but along with Paul, still managed to assemble an amazing display of raffle prizes. I don’t know how they do it!!


                                                     HUNT THE BOTTLES


PLEASE NOTE – we are sold out for the June social.


FLOOR ETIQUETTE – as a committee, we are so proud of the atmosphere that our Socials generate. We are aware that sometimes the seating is an issue, or rather the inability to access the floor in time to start the dances, so we may need to have a rethink. The problem lies in seating around 80 people without compromising the dance floor. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



 REQUEST SHEETS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We are very keen that those who attend fill in request sheets, so that we know we are going in the right direction – hopefully you saw the list of dances on your table as a reminder. If Alan doesn’t have the music on the night, he will make sure he has it by the next Social, and if there is something you later think of, please don’t be afraid to let us know – there are contact details on the “Contact location and links” page.  


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