Our Next Event: Billy Curtis (NB Acts are subject to change)




November 17th – BILLY CURTIS  (SOLD OUT)


  Tickets are selling out during the evening of the Socials, so  you will need to buy them that night, or contact Alan or Doreen the week beforeIf you are unable to come,         please let us know so we can re-allocate your ticket.

              Please write the NAMES of the people you wish to sit with, but be aware                                that if you don’t buy tickets early, you may not be with your group.                   


                      A disco will commence events, and be interspersed with the main act.                           You will need to bring your own cold drinks, but tea and coffee are available,
and at the small cost of 50p, you can also purchase freshly made rolls.



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The first visit of Nigel Slater was a storming success

What a welcome back from our Summer break. Nigel and his partner Joanne were very approachable and keen to please their audience, and Nigel gave us a superb evening of dancing and entertainment. They come from Preston, so had a four and a half hour journey to get down to us. They were going on to Gravesend for a Gig the next day, so were driving down to Kent after spending the night in Salisbury. At least they didn’t have to do the return journey to Lancashire straight after performing.

Nigel only performs at weekends, and still drives HGVs for a living, which he has done for the past 31 years. He drives for TNT, and starts at 2 am, so he has to juggle two to three nights of singing around the country, with his full time job. Fortunately Joanne takes a very active part in this scheduling, and in Nigel’s words: “if it wasn’t for her, I just couldn’t do it”. She does all the preparation and driving, so that he can have a doze if necessary.

Nigel grew up around Country music, as his dad was in a Country group. He was actually performing on stage at the age of 10, playing tunes such as Apache on the guitar. He went on to perform in a duo, and started singing on his own about six and a half years ago.

They have a music room at home, in which they have all the equipment for recording, and Nigel lays down a lot of his own backing tracks, which is really refreshing.

It was an extremely high standard of performance, and the audience didn’t want to let him go. He was able to accept requests, and didn’t just stick to a playlist, which was brilliant for dancers. He programmed these into his Ipad whilst continuing to play!! He created a good rapport with his audience, and is certainly at the top of our list of performers to rebook.

If you want to give them your own feedback or contact them, you can do so using their facebook page. I found it by typing in Nigel Slater Preston.


BAND HUNT                                                                                                                     

The Committee are on the look out for new bands suitable for our venue. If anyone knows of a band they feel would fit the bill, please let one of the team know, and we will endeavour to go and hear them, with a view to booking them.




You will find a copy of “Floor Etiquette” on your table, if you are not sure of how it works when there are partner and line dancers on the floor together.




We are very keen that those who attend fill in request sheets, so that we know we are going in the right direction – hopefully you saw the list of dances on your table as a reminder. If Alan doesn’t have the music on the night, he will make sure he has it by the next Social, and if there is something you later think of, please don’t be afraid to let us know – there are contact details on the “Contact location and links” page.  


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Bottle and bag Competition


Between now and Christmas we are holding a County Line bottle and bag competition. Any photos will be displayed monthly, and in December each one will be given a number and put in a draw for a mystery prize. There will also be a prize for the one that has travelled the furthest distance. At the moment we have Austria and Spain.

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